Over the years, Target research has gained a wide range of experience in the Manufacturing sector, both B2C and B2B;

Data Analytics:

  • Predictive Maintenance, through the use of IoT (sensor data), providing Machine Learning predictive models that allow to accurately anticipate the critical event with a significant cost saving.
  • Data quality & Reliability: More traditional applications have been applied in the production field for quality control, helping the company to reduce time and costs through appropriatestatistical forecasting models on failures.

Data Visualization: we worked mostly in the strategic area for medium-size and B2B companies on the data related to the customer portfolio, obtaining a rationalization of it through:

  • RFM analysis
  • behavioral segmentation
  • identification of economic/financial and commercial KPI's to be represented and monitored through appropriate dashboards.

Marketing research: The researches carried out in this field have essentially covered:

  • Analysis of Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Experience Analysis (integrated with Digital Data Analytics)
  • Optimization of the offer of products and services, profiling the offer itself on the offer value perceived by the identified segments of customers.