Banks and Insurances

In recent years, banks have increasingly shifted their approach towards a customer-centric logic. Starting from the high amount of information on the behavior and characteristics of its customers, banks aim to maintain the relationship over time and to maximize the portfolio value.

In this context, over the years Target Research has strengthened its experience in analytical projects of CRM, Customer Knowledge, Risk Management and Data Quality in order to:

  • Support the banks management in strategic decisions
  • Deliver effective marketing automation systems
  • Manage credit operations and control of processes.

In particular, we have worked on the following issues

  • Segmentation of Retail and Business customers
  • Propensity and attrition analysis systems
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Marketing Mix Optimization and Statistical analysis of the impact of marketing levers on commercial returns
  • PD, LGD and EAD estimation models
  • Research for Customer Satisfaction, positioning and analysis of abandonment reasons.